1. Can a non Sarawakian apply for the grants?

Yes, if you have a valid work permit and visa to remain in Sarawak for the duration of the project. 

2. Catalyst grant, must the PI strictly be A/P and above only?

The principal applicant must be at least an Associate Professor level, or show established seniority and research credentials in the subject area, to act as mentor.

The PI need not be stirctly AP only, however, one of the co-applicants should be at least A/P and above.

3. Can the fund be used to pay for postdoctoral fellows and lecturers?

This grants are not fellowships, thus cannot be used to pay salaries of postdoctoral fellows or staff. We do permit funding of research assistants, who need not be students, although this is ideal, as part of human capital development. The funds may also be used to hire casual labour needed to conduct fieldwork, and fieldwork expenses. In the case of NGO's, we do allow discretion to this rule, however, the maximum allowable salary is RM2500 per month for the staff engaged in the projects.

4. Can research staff from government agencies, statutory bodies apply for the Research Initiation fund, given that the criteria is for Early Career Researchers?

Yes, for government agencies (except for universities and institutions of higher learning) and NGO, the research staff may apply for this grant.

5. Can foreigners be enrolled as students under these grants?

No, this grants are to support development of local Sarawakian talents. Only Sarawakians are to be recruited. The Research Council may exercise its discretion to allow recruitment of Malaysians from other states in the event that Sarawakians are not available.