Corporate Profile


The Sarawak Research and Development Council was established in 2017 as a statutory body.

Under Clause 6 of the Sarawak Research and Development Council Ordinance 2017, the statutory body performs the following functions:

  • Support, stimulate, and facilitate research and development in Sarawak
  • Coordinate, direct, and monitor research among government agencies and departments as well as educational institutions
  • Enhance research standards and capabilities, facilitate commercialization of research outcomes

Research Entities

  1. Sarawak Biodiversity Centre (SBC)
  2. CRAUN Research Sdn. Bhd. (CRAUN)
  3. Sarawak Infectious Disease Centre
  4. SMD Semiconductor Sdn. Bhd.

Research Facilities

  1. Sarawak Biovalley Pilot Plant, Miri, managed by Curtin University Malaysia


Core Functions

Research and Development Education Commercialization Communication
Policy formulation Promote scientific and technology research education Intellectual Property management Outreach programs
Collaboration and facilitation Financial assistance Commercialization of research findings Community engagement
Coordination - Industry-institution collaboration Programs & activities
Funding - Incubator facilities Public events
Monitoring - - Industry-institution engagement
Establish research facilities - - Researchers portal

Key Research Areas

  1. Bioindustry and Biomedical Sciences
  2. Food and agriculture
  3. Biodiversity and Environment (including forestry)
  4. Engineering Science and Technology

Vision & Mission


A healthy, sustainable, and competitive research ecosystem for Sarawak


  • Develop and strategize plans for sustainable multidisciplinary research and innovation
  • Fund research in all disciplines to strengthen research and scientific capabilities, achieving economic and social impact
  • Nurture R&D capabilities and capabilities through human capital development, global collaborative network, and knowledge and technology transfer
  • Integrate and coordinate research agenda of different agencies to transform Sarawak into a knowledge-intensive, innovative, and robust economy