Grant Schemes

Sarawak RDC Grant Schemes

To encourage high quality research in Sarawak through competitive funding, and stringent performance monitoring

General Criteria

  • RESEARCH in Science and Technology (excluding digital and ICT)
  • All research & development institutions/agencies in Sarawak are eligible to apply
  • Research activities must be located in Sarawak
  • Sarawakian and non-Sarawakian researchers, based in Sarawak
  • Corporate Social Responsiblity/community engagement type projects are not eligible
  • Focused and output-driven research, with clear outcomes

Available Grant Schemes


First Sarawak RDC Grant Call 2019


Grant Scheme
Research Initiation Grant
Catalyst Grant
Special Ventures Grant
Commercialization Fund
Bright Spark Award


Second Sarawak RDC Grant Call 2020

Call Open: 7th September 2020

Call Close: 10th October, 2020, 23:59

Grant Scheme Grant Ceiling (RM)
Research Initiation Grant RM55,000.00
Catalyst Grant RM250,000.00
Special Ventures Grant RM200,000.00
Commercialization Fund RM130,000.00

Sarawak RDC Thematic Research Programme, 2020 - 2022

Theme 1: ‘Waging War Against Anti-microbial Resistance’

Funding allocation: RM5,000,000

Aim: To develop and advance research programme in anti-microbial resistant and discovery of new anti-microbials against clinically relevant pathogens


1. To elucidate the molecular mechanisms and cellular biology of anti-microbial resistance using systems biology approaches

2. To identify and validate new druggable targets for existing and novel anti-microbials

3. To establish in depth understanding on the complex dynamic interactions between host, pathogens and environment on anti-microbial resistance status, evolution and transmission

4. To accelerate therapeutic discovery and establish pipeline for next generation anti-microbial development

Theme 2: ‘Engkabang, the Wonders of Sarawak’

Funding allocation: RM5,000,000

Aim: To develop comprehensive research programme into phenotypic characterization and establishing the medicinal properties of Shorea macrophylla (Engkabang)


1. To elucidate the medicinal properties of aqueous and organic extracts of Shorea macrophylla

2. To isolate, purify and chemically characterize compounds derived from Shorea macrophylla extracts that showed medicinal properties

3. To establish in depth understanding on the molecular mechanism of action of, and accelerate therapeutic discovery from, compounds derived from Shorea macrophylla

4. To characterize the phenotype and understand the growth biology, disease resistance and ancestry of Shorea macrophylla

Please take note that funding cannot be used for Capital Expenditure (CAPEX), such as purchase of major equipment, or construction of fixed buildings.

Postgraduate Opportunities under our Grant Schemes

Please find the advert from Curtin University 

Link to the faculty website can be found here:

Project advert for 
1)    Enhancement of Antimalarial Property of Alpinia galanga Extract through Nanoemulsion Formulation with Essential Oils of P. Nigrum, C. Odontophyllum, N. sativa, C. domestica and P. Betle can be found here :

2)    Magnesium oxide nanoparticles as a potential alternative to copper-based fungicide: The pathogenic capability and transport properties can be found here: